Animal Sees Art

Art is what distinguishes man from animal. But do animals get the chance to see art? 

During her 3 week residency in Kulturwerkstatt Kircheib (D), Claire Stragier will investigate ways of showing human concepts like art, economy or philosophy to the local birdlife. 

Throughout history humans have taken a superior position towards animals. In certain aspects humans do far worse than the average sparrow or falcon. What happens if you try to communicate with birds as equals? What happens if we express to them what we don't show to each other?

Animal Sees Art searches for a common language and equal understanding. Claire will make small installations and performances in Kircheib. In the Kulturwerkstatte she will show her process through drawings, video and text. She will show the artworks how birds see them, how humans see them and how humans can see them like birds.